More about the Tiny Shows

Branar’s Tiny Shows/Seóanna Bídeach initiative offers artists & theatre makers time and space to explore & develop new skills, new roles and new work in a developmental context. This weekend long residency will facilitate the early stage development of ideas for new shows for young audiences.

The structure of the initiative sees 3 artists, of different disciplines (e.g. dancer, musician, set designer) come together on a Friday morning. One of these artists will coordinate and lead the artistic activity over the weekend.The artists will be encouraged to play and experiment in a supported environment. On the Sunday evening, they will present and share their work with an invited audience of peers.

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“Hatch” has been developed by Roscommon Arts Centre as part of their ongoing Branar : Connect Initiative. Branar’s “Tiny Show” programme offers artists and theatre makers, time and space to explore and develop new skills and new work in a developmental context, facilitating the early stage development of ideas for new shows for young audiences at our Galway base.
Invitations have been extended by Roscommon Arts Centre to two of the Tiny Show 2018 participants to now spend a two week development period in Roscommon Arts Centre with access to the centre’s resources to “hatch” their Tiny Shows, with sharing performances of the work planned for December in Roscommon.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s participants of the Hatch follow on programme are Manuela Corbari and Karl Quinn.

Manuela Corbari is an artist and filmmaker. In 2008 she founded “A Little Door”, creating a collaborative space for artists to create and present innovative work for young audiences. Manuela has been an associate artist with Baboro since 2015. Her Hatch project “Nine Stories about Love” is based on the book of the same title, aimed at 5 – 9 year olds, it explores and celebrates the many nuances of love, such as connection, growth, beauty and belonging.

Karl Quinn is a graduate of Theatre Studies (TCD) and Post Graduate diploma in Arts and Learning (NCI). He is a Dublin based theatre maker with over twenty years experience creating work nationally and internationally. His Hatch project “Trolly and Dolly” takes the audience into the secret world of a man who is homeless and on the autistic spectrum. It challenges them to see beyond the labels of homelessness and mental illness.