Pathways to Production


Pathways to Production is an artist-support programme established by Baboró in partnernship with Branar, Druid and the Mick Lally Theatre and Galway Theatre Festival, to support artists and young companies to develop their ideas with a view to presenting a full performance piece.

The scheme aimes to facilitate artists development, from the kernel of an idea and concept development, to project planning, help developing a funding strategy and the development of the work for a sharing with peers in the sector. It is hoped that artists/companies will eventually go on to full production of their new piece of work for young audiences.

We were delighted to have our previous Tiny Shows artists Manuela Corbari and Molly Mollumby join the Pathways to Production 2017/2018 programme.
The next Pathways to Production programme runs from October 2018 to October 2019 and we encourage those who have a passion for making theatre for young audiences but who would like the added supports of these 4 hosting partners during the initial development of the project.

For applications, guidelines and more information visit Baboró’s website here.

Photo credit: Baboró International Arts Festival for Children