Tiny Shows 2019 :: Artists Selected

4 teams of artists have been selected for Branar’s 2019 Tiny Shows artist support Programme.

Branar’s Tiny Shows/Seóanna Bídeach initiative offers artists & theatre makers time and space to explore & develop new skills, new roles and new work in a developmental context.

This weekend-long residency will facilitate the early stage development of ideas for new shows for young audiences. 2019’s artists include Tara Breathnach, Cathal McGuire, Claire Mullane and Samantha Porciello. The artists hail from right across the country and will travel to Branar’s rehearsal spaces in Galway to explore their seedling ideas for young audiences.

About 2019’s Artists

Tiny Shows 2019.png

Each lead artist works with two other artists over the weekend to explore their seedling idea. Find out more about these teams of artists below.

More about The Tiny Shows Initiative

The structure of the initiative sees 3 artists, of different disciplines (e.g. dancer, musician, set designer) come together on a Friday morning. One of these artists will coordinate and lead the artistic activity over the weekend.The artists will be encouraged to play and experiment in a supported environment. On the Sunday evening, they will present and share their work with an invited audience of peers.

Each Tiny Show/Seóanna Bídeach concept selected will be allocated €500 towards their weekend residency. Previous recipients of the Tiny Shows residency have secured further support from local and national funding bodies as well as presenting venues/festivals.

The residency provides artists with the opportunity to:
– try out new and early stage seed ideas for young audiences
– explore working in a collaborative environment with fellow practitioners
– explore areas of practice, including live music, dance, puppetry, clown, mask, text and new media
– experiment both with form and their own artistic practice in a supportive environment